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  • Starting Simple - Mindful Mondays

    by Daniel Mahoney Starting Simple - Mindful Mondays
    Tea and mindfulness are coupled as one. Intimately interlinked, and honestly pretty difficult to separate. What I mean when I say this is that the...
  • Introducing "Mindful Mondays"

    by Daniel Mahoney Introducing "Mindful Mondays"
      Tea, when viewed with perspective, is an incredibly powerful and easily implementable tool for mindfulness in our daily lives. From those perf...
  • A Social Distancing Tea Series

    by Daniel Mahoney A Social Distancing Tea Series
    A “Social Distancing” Tea Series Introduction Join us online to share this educational sample box designed for the unprecedented global quaranti...
  • An Intro to Gong Fu Cha Brewing

    by Daniel Mahoney An Intro to Gong Fu Cha Brewing
    Across the world, tea has long been loved, enjoyed, and treasured by many cultures, with many different interpretations. One of these interpretations involves presenting tea preparation as an art, through the practice of Gong fu cha, which is the skilled, focused art of brewing tea in personal ceremony. There are many in-depth concepts of Gong fu cha that can be explored over many years, however the fundamentals are simple and can be easily integrated into your daily tea drinking routine.
  • The Vast World of Pu'er Tea

    by Daniel Mahoney The Vast World of Pu'er Tea
    Have you ever wondered about the hype surrounding pu'er tea? This basic intro is sure to help you take some comfortable first steps into the vast world of pu'er tea!
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  • One Moment at a Time

    by Daniel Mahoney One Moment at a Time
    Tea moments; Their power and how they affect our tea journey.
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