A Social Distancing Tea Series

by Daniel Mahoney

A “Social Distancing” Tea Series


Join us online to share this educational sample box designed for the unprecedented global quarantine. A collaboration between Wilderleaf Tea & Eastern tea bar presents an assortment of eight specially curated teas paired together and presented online at four unique, themed tastings. Drink the quarantine blues away at home during this informative, fun, and approachable online tea event.

Event Overview 

Join Eastern Tea Bar and Wilderleaf Tea as we collaborate for the first time to bring you a series of educational online tea tastings. Together, we present A “Social Distancing” Tea Series”.
This tasting box includes eight curated teas, each unique in their own right, but paired into a series of four compelling educational tastings. Alongside these beautiful teas, at no extra cost, we will be presenting a guided and interactive tasting experience hosted online via Zoom for each pairing. 
With everyone stuck at home for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to get together as a community, share some of the finest teas available on the east coast, and hopefully learn a lot in the process.
Tasting events will be presented on four consecutive Sundays (June 14, June 21, June 28, July 5), at noon (12pm Atlantic Time, for an hour and a half) where customers can join in drinking the teas with the owners of Wilderleaf Tea and Eastern Tea Bar, and expand their tea experience with a diverse tea selection.

If you’re unavailable to join at our specified event times, we will be uploading recordings of the tastings online for you to enjoy at your own leisure.
At each event we will dive into the history and culture behind the teas, their processing, origins, and our own personal experiences and impressions. We look forward to having lots of fun in an informative, professional, yet laid-back and approachable atmosphere.
If drinking outstanding tea, expanding your tea knowledge, and watching two full grown men geek out over their deepest passion is your thing, you aren’t going to want to miss out on this unique and exciting tasting experience, in the age of social distancing and quarantine.

Four Online Guided Tastings

The Mysterious World of Chinese Heicha

  • 2012 Three Cranes Brand “3406” Liu Bao
  • 2005 Liu An (Sun Yi Shun Brand) 

Heicha, literally “black tea”, or at times more commonly referred to in the west as Dark tea, is a mysterious and often under-looked category of teas defined by their various degrees of fermentation, post or pre drying, being shaped by time and their environment.
In this tasting, we will be adventuring into a unique, compelling, and often less explored side of fine teas. We will start out with a 2012 Liu Bao from Three Cranes Brand produced in Wuzhou, Guangxi, China, that demonstrates a typical character found in heavier fermented teas. 
Following the Liu Bao, we will explore a more obscure and treasured tea produced in Anhui province of China. This 2005 Liu An is a beautiful representation of a greener style heicha produced without a heavy wet piling process. 
These two teas display a vivid contrast, as the Liu Bao style is primarily defined by its more heavily fermented nature and rougher, more woody material, whereas freshly processed Liu An tea typically uses significantly higher grade leaf material and are considerably green before being matured and fermented through long-term aging.
 Dark tea can be polarizing and at times an acquired taste. At this event we are excited at the opportunities to share just how incredible and unique these teas can be.



Red Teas - From East to West

  • High Mountain Red By Wen Xing Zhou
  • Bi luo chun Style Dian Hong Cha  

When we think of Black teas, also known as Hong Cha or literally Red tea in china, most of us have had an intimate and fond relationship that began with English style Black tea. There is nothing wrong with a steaming hot milky mug of breakfast tea, but in this group tasting we will dive even deeper with two beautiful examples of finer quality, Gong Fu Red teas.
 At this session we will start with a selection from the diverse world of Yunnan Reds (Dian Hong), and finish with a unique example of experimental red tea production from a small single farmer in Qiao Ban Village, Zhejiang, China.
 The familiarity we all share with western Black tea makes this explorative session all the more nostalgic and rich as the teas present familiar qualities from breakfast teas, but are elevated by the astounding complexity and depth of flavour found only in higher grade Red teas.  


Roasted Oolongs – Focusing on Similarity

  • Zheng Yan Shui Xian
  • Traditional Taiwanese Dong Ding
Sometimes rather than acknowledging the differences, it’s just as important to search for the similarities. Within this tasting, we will present and explore two oolongs we’ve selected which originate from two vastly different terroirs, yet share a number of comparatively similar qualities.
The first tea, a Shui Xian hailing from the mighty mountain region of Wu Yi, Fujian, China, is commonly appreciated for the distinct minerality it presents, typical of teas grown and produced in the region. The other comes from Dong Ding plateau in Taiwan, a famous Taiwanese microclimate which is prized for its creamy/buttery mouthfeel.
Although it’s clear these are two very different oolongs, from the production, to the look, down to the taste; Both oolongs support a similar vibrant floral aroma, and are both charcoal roasted which brings about a thicker mouthfeel, and an extra added layer of depth to the overall drinking experience.
With these two teas, we’ll be exploring these similarities rather than their differences, because sometimes, you need to shake things up and that’s exactly what good oolongs are for!



Understanding Pu’er Tea – Age & Hype

  • 2017 Yunnan sourcing “Year of the rooster” Raw Pu’er
  • 2007 CNNP Pressing Aged Raw Pu’er
Pu’er tea can be confusing, and at times unapproachable for many people. The hype, unique taste, various production dates, diverse and distinct regions, and its incredibly high prices lend a mystique and infamy to this teas’ reputation, which is unmatched by any other.
We are excited to share with you two teas that demonstrate the unique way Pu’er tea’s character transforms and evolves overtime by tasting a fairly young production in contrast to an older more matured example.
If you are new to the world of Pu’er, or already share a love for it, this tasting offers everyone a chance to experience and learn about two very distinctively different Raw pu’er teas.
(Only Available is Canada and The United States Due to Event Times and Shipping)