Introducing "Mindful Mondays"

by Daniel Mahoney


Tea, when viewed with perspective, is an incredibly powerful and easily implementable tool for mindfulness in our daily lives. From those perfect, quiet moments spent experiencing the first cup in the morning, to the beautifully rejuvenating pauses we take for a sip throughout the day, Tea has much to teach us.
When we look at fine tea, and the practices of preparing it, we see that mindfulness is in itself a fundamental and integral part of the experience. We take a sip, and engage our nose, mouth, and body in experiencing the tea, as flavours and aromas evolve and transform, steeping after steeping. As we familiarize ourselves with the myriad of tastes presented in each cup, we are taking a step into the present moment, and listening more closely than we often would, to what we are really feeling in the now. Tea, or rather the appreciation of tea, all comes down to being present and truly sensing and exploring the entirety of these precious moments.
 The deeper we look, the more we begin to uncover. Tea is a teacher, and mindfulness is one of it’s strongest lessons. 
Going forward, on each Monday, I will be writing about the many ways through which tea relates to mindfulness, and my own journey and ponderings around these two intimately linked practices.
I look forward to sharing with you some of the amazing ways in which tea has changed and enriched my life.
 - Dan