Starting Simple - Mindful Mondays

by Daniel Mahoney

Tea and mindfulness are coupled as one. Intimately interlinked, and honestly pretty difficult to separate. What I mean when I say this is that the simple act of taking a breath and leaning into a quiet sip is often enough to ground us, even if just a little, and bring us more fully into the present moment.

When we begin taking our appreciation of tea a bit more seriously, even some pieces of the process one might not have considered meditative, become part of a deeply fulfilling and enriching practice.


For example, at the most basic level, the simple act of putting a name to the various tastes, aromas, and textures we sense while drinking quality tea, is an incredibly powerful tool. Posing the simple question of “What am I experiencing right now, in this moment?” is a real life, and practical application of the self examination often practiced in various forms of meditation. These types of questions, followed with a truthful effort to find the answer, grounds us ever so slightly and brings our minds back into a state of keen awareness.


Practicing these basic skills regularly extends far beyond our daily cuppa. For me, As I’ve taken time to become more in touch with the experiences I have over tea, I’ve found an increased awareness of my senses, and my perception of them in my daily life. Food tastes richer, textures stick out, and stilling myself has become just a little bit easier.


I feel it’s likely that becoming more in touch with how we feel from moment to moment, is truly an important part in finding joy and peace within ourselves. For me, letting go of the race in my head, centering myself, and taking time to examine the present moment, and my experience of it has changed my life. Tea has been an incredible tool for growth in my life.


Don’t take my word for it, though. Start here, take a sip, and think about what’s happening. I promise that as you think more about the subtlest parts of the experiences you live, each and every moment onward becomes that much more vivid and beautiful.

- Dan