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2020 Coastal Sunrises
2020 Coastal Sunrises
2020 Coastal Sunrises

2020 Coastal Sunrises

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All tastes, and the experience of drinking and appreciating fine tea are highly subjective, However;

 You Might Smell:

Honey, berry jams, spiced fruit preserves, ripe fruits, subtle malt

You might taste:

Sweet & Sour, Sundried Berries, Spiced Fruits, Blueberry leaf, Quiet Florals, Willowsherb.

 It may remind you of:

Classic Black tea, Red wine, Berry Fields, Wildflower Meadows,


1tsp/1CUP Classic infusion |90o C – 95o C|3-5 minutes to taste


1g/15ml Gong Fu Cha | 95o|rinse| 15 Seconds first infusion | 10 Second second | Adding 10 -20 seconds per infusion to taste as tea weakens.

A Note from the Curator:

I’m very pleased to have found such a beautiful example of sun-dried black tea to provide for my classical black tea loving friends. In Nova Scotia, we are huge fans of black tea, our British history is a testament to that. As a result, a taste for English style black teas is somewhat embedded into our beings.

2020 Costal sunrises is a sun-dried Yunnan “Red” tea, the Chinese equivalent for black tea, and is a beautiful example of a cost effective, daily drinker, with outstanding qualities. 

With it’s recognizable and relatable taste and appearance, this not so low grade black tea sports an additional level of complexity, depth, and aroma typically unseen in classic breakfast black teas.

This tea is easily one of the most resilient and foolproof black teas I’ve ever encountered. try brewing it hot, hard, and heavy, to see how it’s unique qualities change with exposure to various steeping times and water temperatures.

Take your daily cuppa to a whole new level with 2020 costal sunrises, a daily drinker that bangs HARD considering the low price tag, and quality that can be appreciated and enjoyed by both novices and experts alike.