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Fisherman's Breakfast
Fisherman's Breakfast
Fisherman's Breakfast

Fisherman's Breakfast

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Fishermans Breakfast

All tastes, and the experience of drinking and appreciating tea are highly subjective, However;

 You Might smell: 

Punchy aroma, peaty smokiness, old books, earthiness, fermentation

You Might taste:

Wet and Dried Woods, Retired Smoke, Old Leather, Old books, Breads, Costal air, Petrichor.

It May Remind You of:

Smokey Island Scotches, Cigars, The Ocean, The Forest, Antique Shops


1tsp/1CUP Classic infusion |98o|3-5 minutes to taste


1g/15ml Gong Fu Cha | 98o|rinse| 10 second first steep adding 5 to 10 seconds per infusion to taste.

A Note from the Curator:

This 2019 Pile-Fermented Boarder Sheng style tea from Guogan, Myanmar, is a lively dark tea, and a beautiful example of how powerful imagery can play into the experience of tasting a tea.

Supporting rich and powerful flavour, yet with surprising smoothness, this teas aromas bring the mind onto places and things one might not exactly expect to enjoy “tasting.” If you would, allow me to paint a scene for you…

Waking up to the smell of a strong morning tea at the fishing docks; The smell of old salt soaked leather bound log books, tarred wooden supports, and briny marine air fill your senses as a fisherman’s pipe tobacco floats over on the salty ocean breezes. 

The complex aromatics of this tea showcase just how interesting and truly unique fermented teas can be. Try it yourself.