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2020 Purple Wildflower
2020 Purple Wildflower
2020 Purple Wildflower

2020 Purple Wildflower

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All tastes, and the experiences of drinking and appreciating fine tea are highly subjective, However; 

 You Might Smell:

 Florals, Green Herbs, Vegetal, Fresh Rose Hips

You Might Taste:

Bouquet Florals, Light Pastry Desserts, Fresh Spring Vegetation, “Purple Bud” Herbal Notes.

It May Remind you of:

Oolongs, Green Tea, Wildflower Meadows, Fresh Spring breezes,


2 tsp/1CUP Classic infusion |90o|4-6 minutes to taste


1g/15ml Gong Fu Cha | 90o|20 seconds first steep|10 Seconds per infusion adding 10 seconds each to taste as tea weakens

A Note from the Curator: 

Our 2020 Purple Wildflower White tea is as unique as they come. The material used is commonly known as “Zi Juan” or Purple Bud. These purple pigments are the plants biological response to environmental conditions experienced at tremendously high elevations where UV radiation is powerful, and potentially damaging. The plants produces anthocyanins, with purple, red, and blue variation in pigmentation that shield it from those extreme conditions.

We've read a lot about the higher antioxidant levels in these purple teas compared to normal, but we feel the unique and distinctive herbal notes that accompany purple bud teas are a delicious enough selling point.

Brew it up, and find out for yourself!