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Late 90's "Mellow Buddha"
Late 90's "Mellow Buddha"
Late 90's "Mellow Buddha"

Late 90's "Mellow Buddha"

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All tastes, and the experiences of drinking and appreciating fine tea are highly subjective, However;

You Might Smell:

Old wood, sour fruit notes,

You Might Taste:

Charred Oak Barrels, Antique Wood, Charcoal Roast, Orchid Florals, Subtle Sour plum, mild incense

It May Remind You of:

Antique Shops, incense,


1tsp/1CUP Classic infusion |98o|3-5 minutes to taste X 3-4 infusions


1g/15ml Gong Fu Cha | 98o|rinse| Then 10 second steeps adding 5 to 10 seconds per infusion to taste 

A Note From The Curator:

As we grow older, we tend to mellow out. The same can be said about many teas. And this one has been around for a while.

This aged Iron Buddha (An old school name for Iron Goddess of Mercy) was sold to us as an early 1990’s production. The aged tea business is rife with counterfeits and fakes, and as this tea came to us from a private collector, we decided, rather than making bold claims, it would be far more fair, and likely more true, to promote it as a late 90’s / early 2000s production. It could be older… But you can decide that for yourself. 

It is often traditional for oolongs to be reroasted as they age, to control humidity which can cause an overly sour taste, and to add additional complexity. After tasting this tea, a history of being fired several times is evident. However, the roughness and intensity that a charcoal roasting can at times give a tea, has long since retired, and has smoothed out into something much more beautiful.

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