About Us

In everyone’s tea journey, there are powerful defining moments that change the way we see and experience the cup in front of us. Every moment builds upon itself, redefining and directing an individual’s tea journey.
Our mission is to facilitate these moments, through the sourcing of the most unique cups, as well as by providing memorable tea experiences through workshops and educational events.
Just as the cup that we drink is liquid, fluid and dynamic, so too is our relationship with it.
Welcome to Wilderleaf Tea.

Daniel Mahoney of Wilderleaf Tea

Daniel Mahoney, Owner/Founder

Born and raised in Nova Scotia, Canada, Daniel's tea journey started out a little later in life during his early 20s, having grown up in a household without tea! However, with his first sip of high grade tea, his fate was set in stone, and a deep passion for the world's tea culture, and a steaming cup of tea each day was born. In search of the perfect cup, Dan's journey has had him working professionally in the tea industry across the globe. During this time, he has developed a deep wealth of knowledge and a love for sharing all things tea.  This quest to enrich his life with a career centred around fine tea led him to form Wilderleaf tea in the summer of 2018. Dan is always either drinking tea, thinking about tea, or giving you tea in an effort to convert you.  So far he has been widely successful.

One thing has always stood out to Dan throughout his tea journey, and that is that nothing makes him happier or more fulfilled than when sharing the beauty and fullness that the tea experience brings into the lives of those willing to take the plunge.