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Patagonian Linden Flower
Patagonian Linden Flower

Patagonian Linden Flower

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All tastes, and the experiences of drinking and appreciating fine tea, are highly subjective. However…


You Might Smell:

Flowers, Grasses, Cookie Dough, Chamomile


You Might Taste:

Florals, Savoury Spice, Linden


It May Remind You of:

The Forest, Wildflower Meadows.



1 large pinch of leaves/2CUPs|Classic infusion |98o|10-15 minutes to taste


A Note from the Curator:

Having an herbal, caffeine free option in our lineup for those moments when we just need to relax is a huge priority for us. That’s why we are happy to share the calming power of this exceptionally high quality tisane from the mountains of Patagonia, Chile.

Linden Flower is known to have many medicinal benefits, but we think it just taste straight up awesome, and for us, that’s reason enough on it’s own to keep it around.