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Vivid Mountain Red - By Wen Xing Zhou
Vivid Mountain Red - By Wen Xing Zhou

Vivid Mountain Red - By Wen Xing Zhou

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All tastes, and the experiences of drinking and appreciating fine tea are highly subjective, However;

You Might Smell:

Dark Chocolate, Cherry Wood, Fruits.

You Might Taste:

Malt, dark chocolate, cocoa nibs, Ripened fruits, Tannins.

It May Remind You of:

Classic Black Tea, Tannic Red Wine.

 A Note From the Curator:

This small batch, unique black Tea was produced high in the mountains of Zhejiang Province by Mr. Wen Xing Zhou. 

 The tea is bold and rich, reminding us of relatable breakfast teas but with vivid contrast as it touts it’s easily superior quality.

 This tea offers a whole new level of refinement and luxury surrounding our nations most treasured tea style. Chinese blacks showcase a rich unique perspective on the traditional black teas we recognize so familiarly at home.

Grab a bag and find out for yourself, or serve this at your next dinner party in a wine glass to really leave an impression.